At Click2Give Orlando, we want to do our part to make a difference in Central Florida. Most of us are unaware of the many organizations, groups and even individuals that are right here in Central Florida positively impacting those in our community. There are also many businesses that give their support to these organizations through time and money that go unnoticed. Our mission is to highlight these organizations, groups, individuals and businesses in the Central Florida area so that we all will become aware of them, and hopefully, choose to support some of them in our own way.

Is there a local organization, group, individual or business that you feel is making a difference in our community? Please contact us and let us know about them. Like us on Facebook and have a chance to win a gift card for your favorite organization. 

Lynn Ramdin

Lynn Ramdin I believe that most of us have charitable hearts and give when we can. I give to different causes that I’m aware of and find meaningful on a regular basis. But when my son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, I was introduced to a multitude of organizations that I didn’t know existed. And all of them were right in my community. I began to wonder how can I help support all of these organizations and how can I help raise awareness of them to others in my community? These are the reasons why I co-founded Click2Give Orlando. I’m excited to see the vision become a reality.